Enable supply chain managers forecast customer buying
patterns with real-time data

Demand Forecasting System in Supply Chain

Enable supply chain managers to forecast customer buying patterns with real-time data

Smooth and timely delivery of products forms the basis of customer satisfaction in sourcing and procurement services. That being said, the lack of effective tools of demand forecasting and inventory control can prove to be lethal for business continuity in a fast-paced world of analytics-driven supply chain management. Further, in the absence of standardized technologies, supply chain units are forced to function in silos. With no scope for information to be shared across the entire lifecycle of supply chain operations, procurement teams end up exhausting time and resources in manual tasks which can otherwise be automated and performed through digital workflows.

This case study highlights how a top sourcing and procurement service provider partnered with HARMAN to improve their supply chain management functions by:

  • Implementing an integrated model of supply, demand, and finance with a third-party API to allow dynamic discounting of products.
  • Driving cost reductions across all areas of spending by using real-time information to create profitable resource allocation choices.
  • Enabling cooperation among shop floor execs, suppliers, warehouse managers, and logistical operators by allowing them to communicate effectively through improved tools of collaboration.

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