A Structured Approach to Improve Customer Experience for a Large Japanese Telecommunications Company

Why does first-call resolution matter? Meeting a customer’s needs fully the first time they call definitely improves customer satisfaction, but it also makes such a big difference in reducing operating costs, enhancing employee satisfaction, and ultimately increasing customer retention.

A leading mobile network provider wanted to establish an advanced contact center to be more responsive to customers and resolve mobile device issues in the first instance. Using communications technologies and automation tools to reorient the telecom giant’s customer support center, HARMAN developed a robust support setup.

Addressing client-specific requirements sustainably, HARMAN Connected Services created customizations that helped the call center staff to categorize issues and provide seamless access to customer data.

HARMAN's market-leading analytics capabilities and deep industry skills aided in developing strategic initiatives that have resulted in successfully revolutionizing the customer experience. In essence, we simplified their customer service management, delivering continuous, contextual journeys for customers.

This case study showcases how a telecommunication giant transitioned from manual processes to an automated, integrated real-time system, increasing the speed, ease, and efficiency of serving customers, while also reducing errors.

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