Information in a workplace may consist of a variety of documents, from .docx and pdf to .jpg and .png, filed away for future reference. But, having a mix of formats will lead to confusion and errors in the operations of the company. 

To solve a similar issue, a leading provider of data, analytics, news, and intelligence, serving the North American construction industry approached HARMAN to build a standard operating procedure - an adaptable, consistent, and rule-based Construction Document Ingestion System (CDIS). A system that would process all incoming documents, standardize it, and finally deliver the output in a prescribed format.

In this case study, we showcase how digitizing various types of documents and creating a system that supports metadata tagging not only helped our client in standardizing the document ingestion system but also provided easy file access.

Our effective documentation solution helped in:
  • Reducing turnaround time,
  • Minimizing process deviation, and 
  • Furthering administrative cost savings
Read our case study to see how you can revolutionize the way your organization works with electronic documents.