HARMAN: All-round leader in IoT Services

ISG, a leading technology research and advisory firm, recognizes HARMAN as a market leader in four key IoT service areas.

From industrial assets to everyday things to people, IoT brings the physical world into a connected ecosystem, resulting in enhanced customer experience and better business outcomes.

In the just-published ISG Provider Lens™ Internet of Things Quadrant Report, HARMAN is recognized as a leader in the following quadrants:

  • LEADER in Overall IoT Services: End-to-end services, including consulting and implementation, technology integration and execution (device, platform, analytics, application and security) and overall IoT ecosystem management (managed services).
  • LEADER in Healthcare IoT: Providing technology and services in patient care, remote monitoring and infrastructure management, thereby improving the doctor efficiency and patient satisfaction. Includes all healthcare IoT offerings from wearables, sensors for remote tracking of patients, wireless medical devices in hospitals, and hospital management systems that add to the workflow optimization and different aspects of healthcare.
  • LEADER in Connected Cars IoT: Providing connectivity of the car with its own ecosystem and or the outside world, including infrastructure, network and other devices. HARMAN provides leading solution in categories like safety, navigation, infotainment, voice recognition features and autonomous driving capabilities.
  • LEADER in Retail IoT: IoT services for Retail sector, including end-to-end solutions – from design and build to ongoing support, helping retailers enhance customer experience, improve supply chain and develop new channels and revenue streams. The solutions help in integrating the retail stores to 24x7 anytime/anywhere selling environment while improving asset and inventory management, demand planning, and creating personalized shopping experiences for customers.

Download the ISG Provider Lens™ Internet of Things Quadrant Report, with specific findings for HARMAN.


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