Unlocking New Possibilities with Smart, Connected Solutions

Statista predicts that the Connected Car penetration which is 38.9% in 2018 is expected to hit 80.7% by 2022. This could mean vehicles will have built-in capabilities not just to communicate with drivers but with other vehicles on the road and the city’s infrastructure.

From being able to provide User Experience (UX) content in native languages to Voice Recognition (VR) features, car manufacturers are investing and exploring the possibilities of creating unique experiences. Building an ecosystem of connectivity, combining technological solutions with automotive designs will assist in delivering personalized connected experiences with respect to performance, innovation, driving and design.

For a leading sports car maker, we recently upgraded their existing system with:
  • A region-specific Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Powerful voice recognition solution
  • Comprehensive navigational data specific to the region
  • A user interface that improves responsiveness, performance, and much more

Download the case study to learn more.