Revamp Your Subscriber Experience

Tap into 360° User Analytics to Uncover Subscriber Patterns and Drive OTT Success

In recent times, the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry has become highly saturated. Micro and macro factors like digitalization, urbanization, internet boom, rise in disposable income, and changing consumer lifestyles are critical drivers for this shift. M&E products/services are so readily available in the marketplace that subscribers now have overabundant alternatives to choose from. To add to that, the ubiquitous digital access and rapid consumption of data aided by smartphone penetration and falling data cost have resulted in a highly demanding subscriber base. Companies working in content delivery and broadcasting must continually recalibrate their workflows to increase efficiency and contain costs. This is tremendously challenging for OTT service providers. They need to keep content fresh and relevant while focusing on preventing subscriber churn since new subscriber acquisition has reduced dramatically. This is where 360° user analytics can play a critical role in driving OTT success. A 360° view refers to having a holistic view of your subscribers’ behavior, preferences, and attitudes. Understanding your subscribers in this way enables companies to provide them with experiences tailored to their preferences and to predict their actions better.

Download this whitepaper to:

  • Understand the changing face of the M&E industry and how viewers are increasingly migrating towards subscription-based services.
  • Realize how to acquire new customers in the OTT landscape, drive business performance, and achieve success.
  • Find out how a 360° subscriber view can unlock new possibilities.
  • Discover the market drivers of the fast-growing subscription business model.
  • Know how HARMAN AI can help boost user analytics, identify consumer patterns, and create compelling subscriber offerings.


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