HARMAN is dedicated in blending the physical and digital to make technology more dynamic in order to serve the ever-changing human needs. With our expertise across hardware, software, and industry domains, we are constantly delivering cutting edge technology solutions to our clients globally. HARMAN Korea aims towards helping customers deliver a holistic experience to their customers – through the convergence of digital, cross channel user experience, cloud, mobility, insightful data, and internet-of-things backed by scalable underlying IT platforms. Healthcare, Communications, Industrial, Software, Retail and Hospitality being our key focus areas, we have made significant investments into this space. Leveraging our global delivery approach, IPs, platforms and people, we deploy next generation technology platforms across industries, offer cost savings and deliver innovative solutions to help our clients on their digital transformation journey.

About HARMAN Korea

A strategic and special delivery R&D center for Semiconductor design.

A partner of Samsung Electronics, HARMAN Korea has robust experience developing single nanometer SoC like AP and Automotive.

It is fully capable of RTL, Verification, Front-end and Back-end engineering including post silicon verification.

With, added expertise in Software development and is a leading solution provider in IoT, Cloud, AI, Healthcare and Adobe.



10, Seongnam-daero 926 beon-gil, Bundang-gu,
Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea




+82 31 8016 6501

Business Area

Silicon Design Service

  • Design Service on automotive, home appliance and mobile with experience in High-end SoC Design & Verification

  • Engaged with tier-I companies local / worldwide under 10-nanometer design

  • Turnkey Design Service also available including PKG, Test, PE/QA


RTL Design

Spec to Code

Verilog, VHDL coding


Functional Check

Simulations, Emulations, SV, UVM

Physical Implement

RTL to Gate

DFT, Synthesis, STA

Physical Design

Gates to Netlist

Place & Route, Parasitic Extraction

Chip Fabrication

GDS to Silicon

Samsung/GF Foundries

ATE Testing

Chip quality

ATE tester, Verigy


Functional Check

Post Silicon Functional Validation

Pre-Silicon Verification Consultant

  • Robust experience and engineering power to consult pre-silicon Verification

  • Verilog, UVM and UVMA method consulting based on the customer’s need

  • Full curriculums ready to fertilize/guide to boost the efficiency of silicon design

Post-Silicon Validation

  • Over 7 Years experience in Post SI- Primary focus on Post Silicon Validation, Triage, Debug, Automation, Tools Development

  • Pool of 200+ Experienced Engineers across Development, Automation, Debug and Validation.

  • Ability to scale up or Scale down based on client requirements.

  • Expertise in setting up client specific ODCs with ESD, Lab safety compliance across Geos

We offer IT Engineering services and a plethora of solutions across verticals like:

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