Gamifying therapy for
improved mental health
care and well-being

From slight change in everyday routine to a small tick in day-to-day interaction, a debilitating episode is set off almost immediately for neurodivergent patients. Even though the treatment is centered on behavioral and drug therapy, care providers lack real-time insights into vital parameters. This makes the treatment more reactive than proactive, leaving the care provider without the ability to read and analyze into the patient's behavioral pattern to help prevent an episode.

This case study gives insight into how a global pioneer in pharmaceuticals partnered with HARMAN to create a solution that better impacts healthcare delivery for neurodivergent patients by:

  • Developing a digital therapeutics platform that builds on human-to-machine interaction for improved efficacy, efficiency and accessibility to personalized care
  • Designing an augmented reality device that helps care providers to expose patients to controlled and gamified environments for development of physical and cognitive skills
  • Ensuring security and data privacy of patient-caregiver interactions by complying to HIPAA regulations

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