Product Recall in Retail

Empower store managers by automating back-end protocol for inventory management

Often at the receiving end of notifications to take certain products off the shelf within a given period of time, executives in CPG, retail bear the mammoth responsibility of ensuring that their business strictly adheres to government based regulatory compliances. In most cases, these stories lack an automated and standardized process of stock-keeping, which makes product recall manually-intensive and time-consuming. Store managers spend copious amounts of time marking individual items, digitizing the data, and faxing the information back to their head offices. Physically attending to inventory checks creates room for errors. This, coupled with delayed refunds, makes the entire process a loss-making affair.
This case study gives insight into how a top convenience store chain partnered with HARMAN to standardize their back-end processes for inventory management by:

  • Implementing a customized solution to monitor and evaluate product recall across all stores within the defined geography of regulatory guidelines.
  • Designating responsibilities to different stakeholders within the hierarchical order of operations through digitized workflows.
  • Enabling operators within the recall process to adapt technological migration at speed with easy-to-understand educational material.
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