The Indian judicial system faces many administrative, technological and operational hurdles when it comes to addressing over 40 million cases that are currently pending. A logical solution for helping alleviate the pressure on courts would be a complete move to digital, reducing or eliminating manual processes that are costly, cumbersome and time-consuming.

For the Indian judicial system to drive greater efficiency and expediency in reducing the backlog of judicial cases, digital transformation must be initiated via a multi-year, multifaceted approach that requires multiple steps along the journey. HARMAN Media Suite, an AI-based video content management solution, helps the Indian courts further that process. Our livestreaming capabilities can be adopted by courtrooms to help improve access to justice by optimizing trial efficiency while, at the same time, helping eliminate costly manual processes that cause bottlenecks throughout the system.

Read this whitepaper on how HARMAN Media Suite can help the Indian judicial process continue its digital journey, resulting in greater administrative efficiency, faster case resolution and lower operational costs.

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