From runway to take-off
Improve turn-around time of flights

Enhancing air travel experiences with centralized communication and collaboration solution for aviation

In the airline industry, time plays a key role in achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Passengers look forward to easy transitions, on-time schedules, and seamless boarding of flights which creates the need for smooth front and back-end flight operational systems.

But often, these systems are disparate and cause wide communication gaps between the flight team and the ground crew, employees, or other third parties involved in the scheduling of flights. A centralized communication system is required to proactively update all employees, including the ground crew, catering teams, baggage teams, etc. on non-scheduled events such as delayed flights, gate change, flight cancelation, aircraft swap, and passenger requests, etc.

This case study gives an insight into how a global airline company operating across 100+ countries partnered with HARMAN to integrate a standardized communication system by:

  • Implementing a scalable and customized internal application that streamlined all flight-related information for the ground crew and other employees
  • Integrating an archive feature into all communications for root-cause analysis and publishing of best practices that can be shared across the organization
  • Implementing customizable teams named specifically to integrate with pre-existing airline nomenclature including data such as Flight Number, Gate Information, and Time of Arrival
  • Implementing proactive messages and alerts delivered on specific flight team’s channel
  • Enabling quick notification alerts, priority messages, and easy interoperability between multiple devices

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