Manage updates through USB for non-connected cars

Did you know that seven manufacturers have recalled more than 88,600 vehicles until April 2018? Besides having economic implications, both customers and automakers/OEMs will have to spend a considerable amount of time and effort to fix the issues.

With software becoming a dominant design factor in cars these days (150 million Software line of code (SLOC) running in your car), it is evident that if we could fix the software issues remotely, eliminating much of the hassle of recalls.

Our customer, a veteran Japanese automotive OEM wanted to update vehicle software remotely. The issue at hand was that their cars on the road lacked cellular/data connectivity. In this case study, we showcase how HARMAN was able to connect and manage updates to non-connected vehicles with HARMAN OTA PC downloads to USB.

Why should you read our case study?
  • To know how you can update your vehicles with the help of a USB device
  • To know how HARMAN Smart Delta technology can transform multi-megabyte software versions into efficient update payloads
  • To understand how you can implement secure, standards-compliant management of all in-car software components
  • To know how to integrate OTA software update solution with existing parts management and reporting systems

Download our case study to know more about managing software updates to your car over-the-air!