Collaboration System in Recruitment

Empower and retain key workers by automating your internal hiring and advancement processes

Your current employees are qualified, know your company well, and are already a cultural fit. So, looking for the next best hire to fill in openings internally makes sense. But disparate communication systems can keep away crucial information about internal openings from high-performing and full-time employees, leading them to look for opportunities outside the organization. Moreover, internal job openings remain unfilled due to the inability of hiring managers to source skilled talent within the organization or even identify them.

This case study gives insight into how a top media conglomerate partnered with HARMAN to standardize their internal hiring and career advancement processes by:

  • Implementing a custom application with an intuitive interface for top talent, current managers, and hiring managers to communicate on internal job openings seamlessly.
  • Integrating the common platform process of searching for suitable candidates and applying for suitable positions to make the internal hiring process more efficient.
  • Enabling quick notification alerts in the form of adaptive cards on the Teams channel, for intuitive and easy collaboration between different stakeholders.
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