Adaptive Workspaces

Navigate safe employee-return to offices with smart room- booking application

With companies re-opening to allow post-COVID hybrid work situations, the workspaces, stations, and meeting rooms need to be made safer and cleaner before employees return to the office campus. In this new environment, an adaptive room-booking solution compliant with post-COVID sanitary protocols is required to give employees and facility managers the ability to pre-book and maintain sanitized workspaces respectively.

This case study gives insight into how one of our USA based customer partnered with HARMAN to integrate a smart workspace-booking application by,

  • Utilizing a scalable internal application in collaboration with Microsoft Teams that allowed employees to book workspaces by understanding office density, layout, and other IoT metadata to set room preferences.
  • Integrating an occupancy dashboard to provide facility teams and management timely information on sanitation schedules, room and workspace bookings, employee activity status, and more.
  • Implementing Azure Maps to gain a comprehensive view of the office floor, rooms, and other user mapping parameters.
  • Enabling quick notification alerts with bot framework, and easy interoperability between multiple devices.
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