Accelerating Healthcare and Life Sciences enterprises in their journey toward patient-centric services

The Healthcare and Life Sciences industry is highly fragmented, complex, and regulated. As digital information and the patient ecosystem expand rapidly, delivering patient-centric care has become both challenging and expensive.

There’s a need for a one-stop platform solution that can transform data, analytics, intelligence, and governance functions in a secure, cost-effective, and privacy-preserving manner.

This whitepaper gives insight into how an end-to-end healthcare platform helps providers drive positive patient outcomes by:

  • Ingesting, processing, and securely storing data from disparate sources with a data machine
  • Running exploratory analytics, predictive analytics, and visualizations with an analytics and visualization machine
  • Powering use cases such as hospital readmission prediction, remote patient care, device management, and more with an intelligence machine
  • Providing access to HIPAA-eligible services and maintaining compliance standards with a governance machine


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