HARMAN Positioned in the "Winner's Circle"of HfS
Blueprint on IoT Services 2018

In the recently published Internet of Things Services 2018 Report, HfS placed HARMAN in the 'Winner's Circle' for innovation and execution, and as the overall leader for performance.

The report evaluated the IoT / Businesses Digitalization capabilities of 27 leading service providers and positioned us as a highly experienced and capable player in strategic consulting, productization, deployment, and operations services. Along with the analysis of several service providers, the report also covers market dynamics and emerging IoT services trends.

HfS gauges a service provider's 'new way of thinking' or ways in which they innovate their offering(s) in response to market demand, client requirements, and its vision for how the Internet of Things services market will evolve.

Our position in the 'Winner's Circle' is driven by our expertise in IoT and diversity across many verticals including, Industrial, Healthcare, Retail, Banking, Gaming, Satellite Communications, Smart City, and proprietary technologies such as HARMAN Ignite and IoT gateways.

According to the report, "HARMAN makes an experienced end-to-end IoT service provider, from sensor design to ongoing management." The report also underlines our 200+ completed engagements in the last year, along with our strong product engineering and deployment expertise. Other HARMAN strengths noted by HfS include:

  • Expertise in consumer products and connected cars
  • Flexible IoT ecosystem
  • Dedicated consulting practices
  • Ability to create a sustainable future with design, mobility, and digital infrastructure

The Winner's Circle also emphasizes how HARMAN through Samsung's ownership ownership and extensive IoT experience is innovating IP/solutions in building next-gen solutions for clients.

To know more, download the full HfS Blueprint report.


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