A non-invasive step
towards early testing
of newborns

The purpose of newborn screening or testing is to detect potentially fatal or disabling conditions such as jaundice as early as possible, often before the infant displays any drastic signs or symptoms of the disease or condition. This requires screening and testing procedures amongst neonates which usually involve invasive blood testing to incubator admissions that can be both time taking and uncomfortable. In most cases, the chances of neonatal conditions going undetected are high, further causing delays in required treatment delivery.

This case study gives insight into how a leading provider of innovative healthcare products partnered with HARMAN to eliminate the need for invasive methods of screening or testing of newborns by:

  • Developing a non-intrusive breath analyzer that provides real-time insights for speedy treatment outcomes
  • Developing and designing a sensor cartridge that maps the newborn’s breath for haemolysis through machine learning algorithms
  • Enabling bed-side breath analysis of newborn with scalable and modular desktop unit

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