In the case of chronic conditions, monitoring and ensuring key factors such as medication adherence and tracking vitals can prove to be challenging for patients as well as caregivers. Due to irregular medication tracking or lack of access to tools, measuring patient compliance, retrieving their body vitals and physiological response to medication is compromised. This further affects the treatment effectiveness of a prescribed care plan and creates a significant gap in the patient-provider care cycle.

This case study gives insight into how a leading innovator in digital medicine partnered with HARMAN to create a solution that better impacts healthcare delivery for chronic patients by:

  • Developing first of its kind digital solution aiding in real-time medication adherence for chronic conditions
  • Implementing FDA-approved swallowable sensor, patch firmware, data analytics to measure and derive real-time insights into patient compliance
  • Enabling real-time monitoring of body vitals in patients such as heart rate, activity rate, exercise and walking parameters

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