Strengthening Cisco
VC Capabilities

HARMAN Media Suite is an enterprise recording, webcasting, and portal solution that enables anyone to create, share, and stream high-impact videos with support for Cisco CMS tool. With its engaging, immersive web and mobile platform, it is easier than ever to use existing video capture infrastructure to reach out to thousands of viewers with live webcasts or recorded video assets.

  • Extensive User Portal: One stop shop solution for enterprise video content management needs
    • Video Content Management(VCM): Uploading, editing and sharing for all media contents & channel creation
    • Recording: Recording VC meetings, as well as different end points
    • Streaming: Unicast streaming, as well as Multicast streaming
  • Enhanced VC Integrations: Provide a seamless integration with Cisco VC solutions CMS & WebEx. Also integrated with other VC solutions like Zoom, Bluejeans, Microsoft Teams
  • Faster Time-to-market: Enjoy latest features like facial recognition, multicast on multi-browsers and other updates every 6 weeks, simultaneously applicable to both on cloud & on-premise deployment

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