Enabling seamless
Cisco VC Integration

HARMAN Media Suite, a leading Enterprise Video Content Management solution has been modernized by adding new features and enabling seamless Cisco VC Integration Capabilities. We have already enabled HARMAN Media Suite to Cisco VC Integration across several customers in the globe that are leveraging Cisco video bridging infrastructure such as Codian, Acano and CMS.

Cisco VC Integration and Few Modernization Highlights:

  • Integration with Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) or Telepresence Server
  • Integration with IP Camera - RTMP/RTSP in addition to existing support for H.323, SIP based end points
  • Seamless integration with Cisco Webex for secured on prem based content management including VOD storage and archiving
  • Multicast streaming Support on Multiple browsers to help clients with bandwidth optimization & higher user scalability
  • Live streaming and event scheduling through Mobile App
  • Facial recognition and Video AI

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