Foot health company
powers its ultimate
foot scanning device
with voice tech.

AI-enabled smart assistants, a booming technology, received a greater boost from the dynamic shifts of the past year. The proof lies in the widespread adoption of voice assistant (VA) technology at customer touchpoints. In segments like retail, voice tech gives much-needed impetus to contactless operations. Doing so not only propagates safety but also delights customer and opens up opportunities for multi-channel data ingestion and analysis.

As the technology continues to evolve, the end-users look forward to more applications that can transform their retail experiences. In fact, 49% of users believe that voice technology will transform their personal and professional lives by 2025. The time is ripe to explore the potential of voice assistants in elevating retail experiences.

This case study will show you how a world-leading foot health company that wanted to create a next generation foot scanning system, leveraged HARMAN’s expertise to:

  • Enable touchless operation to its ultimate foot scanning device for added safety
  • Pair the VA with Bluetooth headsets for greater mobility and ease of use
  • Provide superior in-store experience through rich customer engagement

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