Cloud-based technology is becoming the new normal in healthcare–and with good reason. Two-thirds of the average healthcare IT budget is currently dedicated just to keeping the lights on. That amount of spending should reap bigger rewards, and cloud technology offers just that.

Healthcare companies around the world are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create better experiences and outcomes for patients. AWS provides affordable archiving, physical space saving with backup servers in the cloud, whilst offering new ways to manage patient information. AWS cloud computing also provides access to powerful new analytics capabilities and machine learning (ML), all while meeting the most stringent security and privacy requirements. It’s time to rethink IT in healthcare – and reduce complexity, inefficiency, and costs by optimizing your investment in data management.

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HARMAN Solutions for Healthcare on AWS

Through our partnership with AWS, HARMAN helps global Healthcare organizations to modernize care, improve patient outcomes, comply with regulations, lower cost of care, and unlock the potential of healthcare data. With deep technical expertise, extensive healthcare domain knowledge, proven assets and accelerators, and extensive experience with cutting edge AWS services, HARMAN helps to execute a “cloud first” strategy to achieve the full value of cloud. HARMAN has strong experience in building cloud-native applications as well as migrating large enterprise healthcare applications to the cloud. We have helped some of the world’s leading payers, providers and medical device companies design and implement their cloud strategies, and fully leverage the flexibility and efficiency of AWS. AWS Cloud adoption has significantly increased productivity, substantially optimized cost and provided unparalleled value for our healthcare clientele.

We leverage our collaboration with AWS, to improve clinical, financial and operational outcomes through enhanced interoperability and data management. HARMAN solutions will deliver data that is more accessible and actionable and uses AWS AI and machine learning technologies to predict and potentially prevent health problems. HARMAN works with native AWS services and helps healthcare organizations build and scale HIPAA compliant services on the AWS cloud platform. HARMAN helps streamline their security program, simplify security concerns, and maintain HIPAA compliance, HL7 and other regulatory requirements. HARMAN enables continuous delivery of technology and innovation to improve healthcare delivery, enhance clinical experiences, increase patient engagement, and improve internal processes.

Value-Based Healthcare Benefits


Healthcare is moving from episodic care and fee-for-service approach to value-based-care which incentivizes outcome improvement and efficient care delivery. Providers are helping patients improve their health, reduce the effects and incidence of chronic disease, and live healthier lives. 

This calls for tighter integration and exchange of data across the care continuum. Digital technologies can play a key role in enabling the care team to keep an eye on patient health, by driving timely availability of data and insight, thereby influencing outcomes with better speed and efficiency.

HARMAN Remote Care Platform (RCP) is one such digital tool. It is a Remote Patient Monitoring solution which enables creation of digital care pathways to monitor the health of patients outside of the clinical setting, helps care team get access to the data and visualize the data in the right context and enables them to keep an eye on their patients’ health. RCP promotes patient wellness with the help of wearable technologies and associated apps. Wearable technology helps measure health objectively, identifying changes in patients that may be indicative of a developing condition and relaying this information to providers. Care teams leverage these capabilities to reduce ER visits and unplanned hospitalizations, improve outcomes and enhance patient quality of life.

Success Stories

Explore how we partnered with a digital health company to build robust hi-tech healthcare system leveraging AWS cloud-based scalable architecture to develop the first prescription-based, FDA regulated, fully automated smartwatch, that can detect all forms of Atrial Fibrillation.

Discover how HARMAN helped a leading provider of healthcare data, analytics & technology solutions to leverage core AWS EMR services. This also included seamless transfer between on-premises data center and EMR clusters.                

Discover how HARMAN helped a leading digital health company develop the first prescription-based, FDA regulated, fully automated smartwatch, that can detect all forms of Atrial Fibrillation.