Forward-Thinking Solutions for the Mobile World

An effective way to stand out in all the commotion is to continuously innovate, and breathe new life into and extend the usefulness of your mobile technology offerings. Build customer faith in your smartphones’ and tablets’ ability to evolve and adapt, to gain enhanced performance and new, differentiating functionality. This is exactly what HARMAN mobile solutions are set to help you do.

Our renowned, field-proven OTA firmware update solution enables mobile device manufacturers to ensure continuous relevancy by constantly keeping smartphones and tablets fresh and up-to-date.

HARMAN’s end-to-end range of mobile solutions can help you:
  • Increase and generate new revenue streams with OTA (Over-the-Air) delivered feature and functionality updates
  • Ensure 100% failsafe OS upgrades
  • Optimize smartphone and tablet performance on the basis of unique device analytics and insights
  • Effortlessly gain global operator compliance and certification

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