Modern technology is shifting rapidly to satiate the growing desire for improved performance and efficiency. The digital transformation market is expected to grow to $3.3 Trillion by 2025, with 89% of all companies adopting a digital-first business strategy or planning to do so. And the industrial space is no exception. Today, digital transformation is shaping conversations across Industry 4.0, with Digital Twin at the forefront. The concept of Digital Twin is becoming an essential component of transformative change - a dynamic digital clone of a process, product, system, or facility that can be used for driving innovation. Imitating real-world situations, this technology can help organizations examine products, monitor changes in the performance and condition of machines, and eventually optimize systems and processes. By harnessing the potential of Digital Twin, HARMAN is enabling self-learning machines to function in an intelligent manufacturing environment, thus paving the way to a smarter, more efficient future, with a greater focus on sustainability.

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