Enabling organization-wide security infrastructure with real-time threat intelligence analytics

As cybersecurity threats continue to grow and evolve in frequency, vector, and complexity in today’s digital-first world, it is critical to build a comprehensive security system that mitigates threats quickly and proactively. This is vital not just for software and IT businesses, but for any organization that relies on software and hardware to safeguard its operations and tackle variabilities. Historically, the tools necessary to automate cybersecurity processes didn’t exist, and it wasn’t practical to manually maintain real-time and continuous inventories. However, AI and ML advancements have enabled real-time cybersecurity asset management that plays a significant role in enterprise security and a safe cyber environment across various verticals.

This whitepaper gives insight into how a comprehensive cybersecurity asset management platform, can enable advanced cyber-resilience for enterprises by:

  • Leveraging AI/ML capabilities for reduced compliance deviations, and discover security vulnerabilities to conduct risk scoring, classification, and remediation
  • Enabling real-time threat intelligence analytics to safeguard enterprise IT systems and improve organization-wide security infrastructure
  • Deploying predictive analysis for faster detection, recovery, and improved customer experience across multiple engagement channels

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