Redefining the Way We Interact With Our Environment

As 5G roll-out becomes mainstream, what impact will it have on both consumers and enterprises? Over the next few years, 5G will revolutionize many aspects of the industry, including:

  • Accelerating IoT and Industrial IoT (IIoT)
  • Enabling devices to connect seamlessly at low power requirements
  • Enhancing autonomous cars, connected healthcare, and immersive entertainment
  • Boosting Robotics, industrial automation and much more

In this whitepaper, jointly authored with Zinnov, we look at three key aspects which could see near-term impact:

  • Immersive entertainment: From broadcasting ultra-high-quality live television transmission to providing immersive experience (AR/VR), 5G will change the way users consume content.
  • Connected vehicles: Supporting transmission of large volumes of data between vehicle-cloud-vehicle, 5G will establish robust connections among users, their vehicles and corresponding environments (home, office and on the go).
  • Healthcare: Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) ecosystem will see a rapid increase in the number of Connected healthcare devices in the areas of monitoring, diagnostics, and wearables.

Moving towards a 5G-ready culture, effective partnerships with emerging technology companies and technology service providers will be a key to ensure that enterprises are competition-ready.

Download this white paper to know about HARMAN’s 5G services that can be leveraged across industry applications.

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