For futuristic aviation experiences, airports with private networks are the new next.

An efficient communication network is a foundation for modern airports that cater to millions of customers and generate billions in economic impact every year. It is impossible to integrate next-generation applications into the airport’s ecosystem without a robust network. Smart connectivity offered by a private network can help smoothen complex operational requirements that airports face around the world. It helps them with:

  • Streamlining operations and logistics processes, including those above- and below-wing
  • Reducing operational costs for each stakeholder in the aviation value chain
  • Improving safety and security using AI, machine learning, data mining, indoor positioning, and IoT to manage passenger identity and movement in the thousands
  • Enhancing airport experience for customers in their interactions with the airlines and other airport procedures

In this whitepaper, we offer you deeper insights into how interworking technologies and solutions unlock the potential of private networks in designing futuristic airports.

  • Private networks: Finding the best solutions among the multitudes of interworking technologies is imperative for smart airports. See how adopting a private wireless network can benefit the entire ecosystem, from transportation companies and service providers to operations and public safety services.
  • Cloud-based applications: Discover how HARMAN designed, deployed, and demonstrated cloud and on-Prem solutions that can solve connectivity gaps, host applications on a network separate from the public Wi-Fi, and streamline data communication between people and things in a cargo environment using the latest in 5G technology.

Download this whitepaper to read more on how HARMAN’s strategic technology partnership transforms the world’s busiest airports to optimize their operational management and realize their optimal capacity.


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