A digital concierge to elevate cruising

A first of its kind voice-activated virtual cruise assistant

Since hospitality plays a key role in the cruising industry, there is a constant need for trained staff members to be present on board, whenever required, for rapid delivery of services. But often, maintaining the same level of quality and consistency in servicing can become challenging. With a large number of onboarded guests, attending to each of them on a personal level is a difficult task and adds to their workload.

This case study gives insight into how a leading global cruise line partnered with HARMAN to introduce an AI-powered voice assistant that could communicate with onboarded guests by:

  • Developing an advanced voice recognition feature that makes it easy for guests of all age groups to access cruise-related information using voice commands
  • Backing the virtual voice assistant with conversational UI techniques and reliable text-to-speech conversion powered by HARMAN eNova solution
  • Developing a real-time guest interaction solution with a unique industrial design optimized for in-cabin environments on a cruise ship

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