Today’s global environment requires the fire and life safety industry to implement solutions that seamlessly enable facility managers and system integrators to monitor their systems remotely, while addressing issues anytime, from anywhere. This includes organizations across the fire safety value chain that face multiple challenges with limited resources, limited access to facilities due to shutdowns, and dealing with safety incidents regardless of risks remaining the same at any occupancy level.

This case study gives insight into how a Fortune 500 company with a wide range of fire & safety solutions partnered with HARMAN to develop Connected Fire Safety Services (CFSS) by:

  • Implementing first-of-its-kind IoT solution to build safety devices that further reduce time spent by managers and integrators in design and installation
  • Implementing remote & secure connectivity to ensure system providers can easily monitor their safety systems being commissioned and serviced
  • Providing 360° view into buildings and facilities, helping managers ensure sites are operating safely with real-time insights
  • Enabling the quick generation of compliance reports that can be shared and stored in the cloud for audit purposes

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