Multi-point Data Analysis for Customer Behavior Insights

After the 2020 health crisis, the popularity of mobile shopping grew by 45%, according to research by PwC. Now, with more people using e-commerce channels, there is immense data to be mined. We can use this data trove to better understand buying behaviors by harnessing AI/ML’s power. Companies that want to flourish in the new decade need robust customer behavior analytics that can process this data, unlock patterns to predict future trends, and use it to make intelligent decisions.

This case study highlights how HARMAN's expertise in providing infomediary solutions through data integration across 30+ different data sources can help you:

  • Get the best out of your consumer data with a daily near real-time refresh
  • Derive actionable and predictive insights
  • Drive smoother and faster operations through solution accelerators and reusable frameworks


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