Supply chain volatility, instability in the political landscape, and climate change are all driving agriculture to revolutionize the way they operate. Going digital is a natural progression towards safeguarding against these uncertainties. With AgTech growing in potential over the last few years, the opportunities for agricultural companies to do more are near limitless. Nevertheless, challenges still remain in terms of scaling, unstable ROI, and a lack of visibility into field practice outcomes. This has created the need for technologies like IoT, analytics, and digital twins to provide real-time support for agri-processing industries and innovative producers.

This case study gives insight into how a global agricultural science and technology provider partnered with HARMAN to enable digital twin technology for automated seed processing lines (APL) and smart field practices.

  • Enabling smart planning, monitoring of field practices, and seed processing with design-led thinking
  • Implementing a Farm-to-Command-Center solution with a design-led thinking approach that covered the end-to-end process of seed trials
  • Building an Agri IoT core platform on the cloud and a digital twin platform to automate processing lines
  • Connecting seed trails and market-based e-commerce solutions for quality checks, growth monitoring, and quicker time-to-market

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