Harnessing Augmented Reality to Improve Retail

Today it is imperative to optimize all organizational processes. For the consumer packaged goods and retail sector, this has become especially important since in-store buying behaviors have changed drastically. Data analytics can go a long way in helping create better processes, and even this data collection can be optimized with the right digital solutions. CPG brands need to move beyond relying on supply chain data or manual audits. The key to efficient retail execution lies in using immersive technology like augmented reality to capture data and assess key metrics.

This case study will show you how a global measurement and data solutions provider for the CPG industry leveraged HARMAN's expertise in building a mobile app that could assist auditors in information capture to:

  • Improve cost savings by 50% through automated data acquisition
  • Increase data accuracy through OCR and AI data extraction techniques
  • Secure their data through real-time ingestion to centralized lakes


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