Though autonomous vehicles are now a reality, communication between these vehicles, the pedestrians, and the city's infrastructure needs to be made more effective and reliable. Be it a car’s in-cabin device, a device worn by a pedestrian about to walk into a crossing, or a light signal at an intersection - communication between connected devices has to happen almost instantly in order to prevent unwanted accidents and fatal incidents.

This case study gives insight into how a pioneer in communication technology partnered with HARMAN to explore and showcase further possibilities in combining 5G connectivity and multi-access edge computing in automated vehicles by:

  • Implementing 5G and MEC to V2X technology and derived possible future applications for improved driver awareness, city traffic navigation, and pedestrian movement
  • Developing AI-enabled prediction & detection models to seamlessly analyze a pedestrian’s range to incoming vehicles
  • Implementing visual-based emergency alerts in vehicles to intuitively detect and alert the driver on collisions, accidents, and other road hassles
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